Big game fishing is a sport fishing practiced mainly on the west coast of Mauritius. Many species live year-round in our waters.

Departing from the village of Albion, you will be ideally located because we can go to the north west, south west or extreme west to fish.

From the Club Med ponton you will only have to take one step to get on the private boat "LE TRIO" which is very comfortable with a crew who will be there to welcome you and make you have a good time throughout of the day.

The fishing conditions are perfect all year round and within reach of experienced or beginner anglers thanks to my professionnal team who are always there to assist you if necessary.

Fishing is not just for men, in fact many women are surprised when they see the adrenaline, the excitement, the noise of the reels with the line that never stops unwinding and the fish in the end that jumps out of the water and struggles cause great sensations and makes everyone want to try to catch these fabulous fish !!

Depending on the season we catch different warieties of fish, marlins, yellow tunas, dogtooth tunas, bonito bolts, bonitos, wahoos, barracudas, dolphinfish, mahi mahi, dorados, but each time it is a unique experience that you will remember for many years

PRICES 2022 /2023

Privatized boat for 1 to 8 people all year round

Package  Duration  Price
 8 am to 12 pm 4 Hours 300 euros
7 am to 1 pm 6 Hours 400 euros
7 am to 3 pm 8 Hours 500 euros


Price for a privatized boat from 1 to 8 people for the months of November to March

Package Duration Price
6 am to 4 pm 10 Hours 600 euros

The price includes :

- A breakfast including, croissants, tea, coffee, fruit

- Drinks : water, soft drinks (coca, orangina, sprite) throughout the trip

- Lunch in the form of sandwiches for the 8 am and 10 am packages : pork or chiken/butter ham, vegetables, homemade tuna salad, mayonnaise, ketchup and fruits of desert.

(Please specify if you are allergic to a food and we will replace it with something else)

- A private boat just for you with restroom !

- Professionnal equipment, rods, lures, life jackets, combat seat, harnesses.

- For your comfort, an indoor lounge in the cabin on the ground floor and an open-air lounge upstairs awaits you.

- Supervision by a professionnel crew.

- Introduction to big game fishing for beginners.

- Boat and passenger insurance.

Contact us and book :

Email adress :

In case of bad weather estimated by the weather forecast of Mauritius, the reservation will be modified


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